What's the most asked question on Google and why should churches care?

Are you curious about the most popular Google searches? While my guess was weather (I ask Alexa about it almost every day, sometimes twice), it turns out that the top question asked on Google in 2022 was "What to watch?" with a staggering 9,140,000 searches. It's amazing to think that so many people are searching for content to watch online.


This trend is significant for churches and Christians, as we have the greatest story to share - one filled with love, forgiveness, and hope. Imagine if just half of those 9 million people watched content that introduced them to the life-changing love of Jesus. The impact would be incredible! While we know that not everything online is pure, noble, beautiful, and God-honoring, the story of Jesus is. When churches share life changing Jesus stories online through video sermons, testimonies, and elements like Spring Hill's Telling the Story, plus social media we are placing a message of hope online. Hope in Jesus Christ can change lives, and as Christ's followers, it's our responsibility to share this message with the world.


Christy Ferguson

Digital Ministry