Mrs. Chris November Update



As we enter the holiday season, please take a moment to read through your email to be sure you won’t miss any upcoming events. 


Family Event


We are all looking forward to the

Children’s Christmas Program

December 9th at 5:00 pm

(The participants will gather at 4:30) 

We will follow the program with a special photo opportunity and dinner together.

This evening will consist of a potluck with meat provided by the Children’s Ministry.


Christmas Rehearsal


We will practice each Sunday at

5:00 pm

Except November 26th, 

which is the hanging of the greens and baptism.

We will only have 3 Sundays to practice, so please try to attend.





Grades 1-5

Remember Me

The Lord’s Supper/Passover

1 Corinthians 11:23-26; Exodus 12


Parent Cue

Celebrate what God has done.




Read 1 Chronicles 23:30

Do you have any habits? Some habits are good ones – like always brushing your teeth before bed. Some habits are not so good – like biting your nails. A habit is something you do that becomes normal through repetition. That means that you can put some good habits in place simply by practicing. The Gratitude Habit Here’s a new gratitude habit you can begin tomorrow. When you pray, thank God for three things. You don’t have to use big words. You can thank God for simple things like sunshine or chocolate ice cream. The important part is to make sure that each time you pray, you’re taking time to say, “Thank you.” Once you start with something small, you’ll notice other ways you can show gratitude too. And before you know it, saying “thank you” will become a regular part of your day.




Toddlers through Kindergarten

I can thank God all the time.

David Praises God

2 Samuel 6:12-15; Psalm 149:1-5



“Always give thanks to God.”



Key Question and Bottom Line

Who are you thankful for?

We should always thank God.


Truth: God loves me!




SHBC Families,

I am thankful for SHBC and all the precious families we have connected with through this church. I thank God today, for you.




Mrs. Chris