Fusion 2024

Student Ministry- Fusion


We will be kicking off the year as we learn how to share our faith using

John316.today and other tools designed to give us what we need daily.


Don't expect the same old Fusion beginning this weekend.

We will have fun but Fusion won't be about a game.


We will focus on Jesus and developing contagious Christian

teenagers who shine all week long for Jesus.


Students are attracted to light.

We are the light of the world!  


Small Groups

The Bible :: Our focus in 2024!


As we embark on this new season in our youth ministry, we're thrilled to announce a special focus on the Bible in our small groups.


Why, you ask? Because in the pages of scripture, we discover more than just words; we encounter the living God. The Bible is not merely a book; it's our guide, our source of wisdom, the very heartbeat of our faith.

 By diving into the Word together, we're not just studying stories; we're connecting with the Author of life.

 It's a journey that will deepen our understanding, strengthen our faith, and foster a sense of community like never before.


Let's embark on a transformative adventure in the Word of God. Get ready for a season of growth, connection, and encountering the extraordinary in the ordinary pages of scripture!



Let’s make 2024 the year we all serve follow the example set by Jesus and serve with everything we have!





Sunday night Fusion!

Meet at Dover-Foxcroft Farm from 6-7:30 PM 

Set up Fusion Notifications by texting YOUTH to 434-423-5300 




Student Impact Mission Camp :: June 16-22



This summer we can make a difference! Impact a Virginia community by serving with Impact Mission Camp! Impact is a student-oriented construction-based mission camp for students who have finished 6-12 grade.

Spend a week this summer serving, and preparing your students to change the world.

At Impact Mission Camps your students will share Christ’s love with families by repairing their homes and helping ensure they’re safe, warm, and dry.

The cost is $325 per person. In addition to serving daily, students will receive personal devotions to complete before, during, and after the trip.


The Work:  Teams serve homeowners by ensuring safer, dryer, and warmer housing. 


The Partnership: In each locality, Impact is hosted by area churches. Community leaders band together to ensure the mission carries forward long after the teams go home.


The Goal: Mission camp services as a springboard!


Trip Details:

Where: Mecklenburg, VA

When: June 16-22

Cost: $325

Contact: Brian Mellott