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Hey Families! 


In the dynamic tapestry of family life, let me encourage you to weave the threads of Scripture, prayer, church in-person gatherings, and missions into the very fabric of your priorities.


In a world where the temporary often clamors for attention, these foundational elements serve as unshakeable pillars, grounding your family in the timeless truths of faith. We all have to be smart as we prioritize regular moments of Scripture reading and prayer, creating a sacred space where God's Word can illuminate the path for your family.


Priorities shape our future!


As an encouragement, let me urge you to actively engage in in-person church gatherings, building a sense of community and spiritual fellowship. Let your children witness the joy of worship and the importance of corporate connection with the body of believers. Additionally, instilling a heart for missions, whether local or global, is a powerful way to demonstrate the love of Christ in action. As you elevate these priorities, you are not only shaping the spiritual landscape of your family but also establishing a legacy rooted in enduring values.


Amidst the ebb and flow of life, may these priorities be the compass guiding your family toward a purposeful and faith-filled journey.




Youth Retreat at Eagle Eyrie- March 22-24th

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